Two travellers arrive in Accra!

Morning everyone! Miss Rhodes and I have arrived in Accra and have spent a very warm night in a hotel. We were met at the airport by Mr Mallet and Joshua who both work at the Christ Preparatory School. They are so welcoming. Akwaaba, which means ‘Welcome’ is on everyone’s lips. we also met Matilda, a teacher in the primary department and her lovely daughter Betsy. Matilda told us about the school which we’ll be visiting tomorrow.

It’s hot and sticky here.. At least 28 degrees and it’s only half ten. Mr Mallet and Joshua are coming soon to take us into Accra for the day. We feel so lucky to be here and we’ll have lots to tell you next week, especially about the amount of homework Ghanaian children get each night! Ha ha!

Send your comments…we look forward to reading them.

Maa chi

Miss R and Mrs S


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  1. Eleanor C says:

    It must have been very exciting. Did they do any different classes in there or where they the same as ours?

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