Two travellers arrive in London!

Hello Y5! Miss Rhodes and I have just arrived at our hotel at Heathrow airport. We are enjoying a cup of tea after a hot journey on the underground from King’s Cross. We can see planes flying over the hotel and it’s making us feel even more excited. We’ve been looking at the scrap book from Mrs Gay’s class. It’s absolutely great and we are sure it will be read eagerly in Ghana. Thanks to you all for the pictures, letters, bracelets, photos etc. We feel very lucky to be able to take these special gifts to the school in Tema.

We’re off to have some supper and the try to sleep- it will be difficult as we are soooo excited about tomorrow! Looking forward to reading your comments. we will blog from Ghana if we can get internet access.

Goodnight all- have a look at the moon to see which phase it’s in!

Miss R and Mrs S

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